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How To Make Millions

Добавлено: 20.12.2017, 11:50
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Learn How To Make Millions From Me & Several Millionaire Traders In My Next DVD

This DVD set is simply the best day trader training DVD I have ever wached....Tim you inspire me to be the best trader that I can be .... Thank you...Do yourself a favor and buy this DVD even if you are sceptical about it you won't regret the $300 investment in youself. I particularly related to the Tim Bohan DVD as he showed just how achievable it was to make money with Tim's penny stock trading strategy. -John Ratty

My favorite thing about this DVD is the way Tim converses with you whilst still teaching you a ton. The DVD teaches you all you should know about trading penny stocks. On top of Tim teaching you his strategy, you also get to learn other millionaire trader strategies. I would recommend watching this brilliant DVD 4-5 times if not more. I would also recommend this DVD to aspiring traders of all ages. -Jeff Lismore

HTMM is a great value for the small price tag. 30+ hours of information. Gives a complete overview of Tim's trading strategy and rules. You are not left with questions afterward. Many great chart examples and live trades as well. Absolutely worth the money if you are looking to take trading seriously. You can never feel bad about money spent on education because it always pays you back tenfold. -SHF

Best $300 Investment EVER. Watched all of it in a 5 day period. Along with full time job. Would recommend it to any one. -SV

Hey Tim, I just finished watching your How to make millions DVD. It was awesome, I have learned so much. The different strategies are a big help, I haven't found mine but I'm tweaking all of the ones I seen in the DVD or getting idea's from them. I wouldn't waste 30+ hours of my life watching just some random DVD, this truly has been inspiring. -JRuark

In this video Tim shows a superior teaching style and a wide range of knowledge. He also has verified trades proving he profits from what he preaches. There simply isn't a better teacher in this area available on the web!!! -H

Prepare yourself to be taken on a journey with Tim like you have never experienced before. If you don't know much about Penny Stocks Trading this is sure the DVD you must have. Tim provides as he promises. He starts with the basics in very easy to follow steps and continues to reveal his strategy how to trade Penny Stocks successfully. -Ziga

How to Make Millions is a great primer DVD to get you started on the world of penny stocks. Tim has so many skeptics/haters/etc. and I can't really blame this sector since the mere term 'penny stocks' conjures all types of images associating it with fraud, deceit, and/or a "get-rich-quick scheme."

However, once you embark the path of hearing from a very humble and detailed Timothy Sykes, you can't help but enjoy the 20+ hour journey from start to finish. He shows you that he's not really the BEST trader in the world, he's just extremely consistent and has mastered discipline. He then proceeds to give you some condensed notes of what his early starts in the penny stocking world are, what his come up was like, defines basic terminology for absolute newbies like my former self ;) , shows what his favorite set ups are, what his trading psychology is, and introduces you to some of the big roller penny stocking profitable associates/friends he has and THEIR own strategies. Once you get done with this DVD you will have a great wealth of information of how the penny stock world works and know deep in your soul that IT IS possible to become profitable in such world with enough CONSISTENCY and DISCIPLINE. Go get it NOW!!! -Auggy

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Скачать How To Make Millions
How To Make Millions
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